Dessert Set $18~ (2-course dessert)

Main(A Choice of Dessert)
Wine pairing is also available

Chef Mio’s Artfully Crafted Individual Dessert $15

Today’s Sorbet $5
Jack In The Cup
Angel Cream
Cream Puff $5
Macaroon Five Pieces $9
Tango $18
Ichigo $18

Savory Dishes

Cheese Plate $14
Burrata Cheese $9
Prosciutto $8
Liver Pâté $7
Salmon Tar-tar $8
Foie Gras $18
Caviar $30
Fried Olives $4
Croquette $3.50

Lupicia Tea

Green Tea

Chinese green tea was scented with jasmine flowers which have sweet aroma like spring breeze.

Green tea delicately flavored with sweet berries.
Fresh and sweet taste.

Grapefruit Green
Green tea flavored with fresh grapefruits makes a refreshing taste.

Strawberry & Vanilla
Green tea with matcha is flavored with sweet fragrance of strawberry and vanilla.

Paradise Green
Green tea has a lot of tropical fruits and bright-colored flower petals.

Tsugaru Green (Apple Green Tea)
Japanese green tea flavored with ‘’Sun-Tsugaru’’ apples from Aomori prefecture in Japan.

Black Tea

Earl Gray
Authentic Earl Grey made with keemun tea.

Refreshing taste of muscat offers an interesting impression.

Black tea flavored only with Japanese white peaches. Peach leaves are blended.

Decaf Sakurambo(Cherry)
Black tea flavored with Japanese Cherries. Which has sweet and fruity aroma.

Illy Coffee

Espresso 3.50
Cappuccino  5.00
Latte   5.00
Americano 4.50
Iced Coffee Latte 5.00
Iced Americano 5.00

Sweets Raku Lunch Menu Saturdays & Sundays at 12PM to 3PM

Sandwich and Raku Dessert Set (2-course dessert) $28.00
Croissant Sandwich $15.00
Grilled Salmon and Salmon Roe
Iberico Bacon